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Welcome to KrisKringle.com, Santa's official website. Kris Kringle (a.k.a. Santa Claus) would like
to invite everyone to look around and visit all the North Pole homes. Visit Santa's House and see
who is naughty or nice. Visit the Elf House to meet Santa’s elves. You can also visit the Reindeer
Barn to meet Rudolph and all of Santa's reindeer.
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Santa's finally get's a puppy; See how Tracker
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A little history of Kris Kringle
Once upon a time a little boy was born and his parents named him Kris Kringle.  Well, what a name
they have given him. He knew he had to find a special job in life to carry that name.  He studied
hard in school and his favorite class was geography.  He loved to look at maps and study other
cultures. Kris Kringle thought that one day he would be a world traveler.
One winter’s day little Kris Kringle was playing with some friends when along came a little boy .. so
they thought.  He was the strangest little boy with curly-toed shoes and pointy ears and he was
very, very  tiny.   The other boys started to make fun of him, but Kris Kringle stood next to him and
told the boys to stop teasing.
Kris Kringle stayed with this strange little boy and the other children finally lost interest and
went home.  This funny little stranger began crying.  He told Kris Kringle that his name was Harry. 
He had wandered away from his village and now couldn't find his way back. 
As we know, Kris Kringle had the mind of an explorer. He knew he could help Harry find his way
home so off they went.  They traveled through the bitter snow, over mountains and through icy
rivers. Kris Kringle and Harry camped at night and traveled during the day.  They finally found
Harry's little village and to Kris Kringle's surprise, the village was full of other boys and girls
who had curly-toed shoes and pointy ears and were small in stature.
Kris Kringle spent the evening in the village. He explored and found toy factories filled to the
ceilings with toys. The little people made all these toys but had no one to give them to.  Kris Kringle
thought and thought and finally came up with a brilliant idea.  
"I'll take these toys around the world," said Kris, "and give them to all the good boys and girls". 
But how?, he wondered.  How will he get these toys around the world?
Suddenly, out of nowhere, came a reindeer. He was leaping throughout the village, jumping very,
very high. Kris Kringle knew he was onto something.   He explored the village a little more and
found magic dust.   Can you believe it?  Magic dust right there under his nose.   Can you guess
what this magic dust did?  It made reindeer fly!
Kris Kringle sprinkled the magic dust on the reindeer and he flew.   Kris couldn't believe his
eyes. He jumped on the reindeer’s back (once he came down to earth, of course) and they flew
all around the village so Kris could look for other reindeer.   Once he had herded up eight reindeer,
he sprinkled them with magic dust and they all flew.    Kris built a sleigh, filled it with toys and off
they went.  
Wait, were there eight reindeer or nine?    Hmmm, stay tuned  ... there may just be a story about
the ninth reindeer.   I wonder, will his nose be bright ?? 
The End

  We all know that Santa was born with the name Kris Kringle. But let’s tell the story of how Kris Kringle is also referred as Santa Claus. 

It was a blustery winter’s day and a little baby was adopted by the Kringle family. On the baby crib was a name tag of Claus. No one knew what the name meant. One day while Kris Kringle was giving toys to the children, he was arrested by a mean old man named Burgermeister. Once Kris Kringle vowed that he will not pass toys out any longer, the Begermeister let him go. But Kris Kringle knew that he must change his name to avoid Burgermeister. So he took up the only other name he knew. Santa Claus.

  And it stuck, Kris Kringle is now known as Santa Claus. This became quick news around the North Pole. It was on the nightly news and in the North Pole newspaper. Kris Kringle happily took on the name Santa Claus, and of course someone else had to change her name. Mrs. Kringle  happily took on another name, she would now be known as Mrs. Claus.


Well the Claus family learned to love their new name. They had to change the sign on their front lawn to Santa Claus. Kris Kringle even went to city hall at the North Pole to add the name Santa Claus to his birth certificate.


Well Santa’s mission in life is now clear. Santa has been carrying around this secret for years; Santa Claus was born with the ability to create joyful magic everywhere. Santa loved to help children, every time Santa would walk down the street and see a sad child, he would automatically stop and help that child, no matter what he was doing.


One day Santa had this grand idea, let’s fly around the world and deliver toys to all the good boys and girls. Santa knew this was a monstrous task. So Santa gathered all of his close friends at his home. Santa also called all the managers from all the Toy factories at the North Pole. Santa described in detail to all his friends about how his magic works, Santa also described that he would travel around the world being pulled by eight reindeer. Santa also mentioned that he would like to do this every year on December 24th, so when the children wake up there will be toys under the Christmas tree.

All of his friends where elated, they all started to chant, Santa, Santa, Santa.     

  So it happened, On December 24th, Santa and 8 tiny reindeer took off from the North Pole with a sleigh full of toys. 




Santa Claus meets Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer


Well long before I was born, Santa Claus use to mount large spot lights on Dancer and Prancer’s head who were always the front reindeer. The spot lights were extremely heavy and uncomfortable for Dancer and Prancer.


   Well I was born years ago on a cold winters evening. I remember taking my first steps in the barn. My Mom and Dad where there to root me on. They were so proud.

  As I started growing up, I was about 4 years old I noticed my nose started very slowly lighting up red. I did not know what to do. So I started to wrap it with a black cloth. One evening we were playing outside and my cloth fell off my nose, all of a sudden my nose glowed bright red and lit up the sky. I was so embarrassed and I did not know what to do. The other reindeer laughed and called me names. So I did not play with the others for a long time.

 We’ll Santa Claus heard about the Little Reindeer with the bright red nose. So one day Santa Claus took a walk over to Rudolph’s house to go cheer him up. When he met Rudolph for the 1st time, Santa Claus was amazed of how bright Rudolph’s nose really was.

 Santa Claus had an idea, and so he asked. Rudolph with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight.

Needless to say I was overjoyed, I was going to lead the reindeer on Christmas eve. So I was hooked up that night and flew off with all the other reindeer. The other reindeer learned to love me and accepted me even that I was a little different. Especially Dancer and Prancer, they did not have to wear those large heavy Spot lights any longer. 






Santa Claus visits Rudy the Post Master


Everyday Santa Claus drives his big red truck over to see Rudy the Postmaster. His red truck has the word Santa Claus written on the sides. Everyone always waves to Santa as he drives by. Somtimes Santa even takes a short trip to McDonalds Drive thru. 

   Santa Claus recieves thousands of letters each day. Rudy helps Santa Claus load 10 huge bags of mail everyday into his big red truck. Then everynight Santa Claus and Mrs Claus read all the letters from all the children around the world. This is Santa's favorite time of year. He loves to send emails to all the good boys and girls when he get's a chance.  


Santa Claus visits North Pole Elementry

coming soon....


Santa Claus visits the Abominable Snowman

coming soon...


Santa Claus recieves a new Sleigh

coming soon...


    Kris Kringle             Merry Christmas, Kris Kringle (a.k.a Santa Claus)

      copyright 2011 imaginary kidz












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