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Print Your Own Letter

Create and print your own personalized "Letter from Santa." If you would like your letter to be professionally printed and delivered direct from the North Pole, you can purchase a letter package. (Prices starting at $4.95!)
Personalize Your Letter:

Dear ,

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas!

I see that you are on my NICE list again this year. That's wonderful! Good for you! Of all the children in the world, you are one of my favorites. Keep up the good work.

Rudolph and all the reindeer are looking forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve, especially Rudolph. He is always asking, "When do you think we will be at house?" I don't know why Rudolph is always asking me that. Hmmm....are you leaving him goodies that I don't know about?

Since you have been so good this year, I have a surprise for you. I hope you enjoy it and all the gifts that I will leave at your house.

, since you are one of my first stops this year, please make sure you go to bed on time. Remember, I will know if you are awake.

My trip around the world is so long and I have so many gifts to bring down all the chimneys, could you please leave some milk and cookies for me to help me keep up my strength? I'm asking all the children on my NICE list to do this for me.

The weather is getting very cold up here at the North Pole. Last night we had over two feet of snow. It was so cold that Frosty the Snowman slept in the reindeer barn.

I see that you have been thinking about your Christmas List, and that you are looking for .

I will see what I can do. Say hello to Mom and Dad for me.

I have so many letters to write, I'll say goodbye for now.

Your friend,
Santa Claus

P.S. Rudolph says hello!!