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Deluxe Letter Package

Each letter is personalized for your child on beautifully crafted Christmas stationery and delivered in a matching envelope postmarked from the North Pole.

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Dear ,

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas!

Do you know that the whole town up here at the North Pole has been talking about you? Everyone is so proud of you, especially Rudolph that you have this year. I think the editor of the North Pole news is doing an article about you. WOW!!

I think you deserve something extra special this year, I have been told that you were hoping to find a new under the Christmas tree this year. Of course I will do my very best.

Rudolph and all the reindeer are looking forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve, especially Rudolph. He is always asking, "When do you think we will be at house?" I don't know why Rudolph is always asking me that. Hmmm....are you leaving him goodies that I don't know about?

I also see that you are doing your homework, keeping your room clean and helping around the house when you can. I always like it when children are good little helpers. Parents always could use the help.

Say hello to for me, You're very lucky to have as a friend. You are both on my nice list this year.

Well, Mrs. Claus is ringing her dinner bell, I have to get going now, she gets upset if my dinner gets cold. Keep on being a good this year.

I will see you very soon.

Your friend,
Santa Claus

PS...All the Reindeer say hello