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Merry Christmas Little Cowboy

Merry Christmas Little Cowboy
Written by: George Bovill 1978

Merry Christmas little cowboy, Santa's riding in tonight,
and when his stagecoach gets here he wants you tucked in so tight.

So lets take those boots off softly so that he wont hear the spurs,
and we'll hang up those two six guns we're not riding any herds.

We have to light up all that sagebrush so that Santa;
he can see where to put all those toys underneath your Christmas tree.

We told him that you've been good and do you know what Santa said,
that on Christmas Eve his cowboys should be early into bed.

So what do you say little cowboy, how about a kiss good night.
Sweet dreams and Merry Christmas, Santa posse's almost in sight.

When you wake up in the morning to play with all your toys,
just remember, Son, we love you, Merry Christmas little cowboy.

So close your eyes and go to sleep, the time is almost here.
For Santa to come down the chimney with loads of Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas, little cowboy, Santa's riding in tonight.
And when his stagecoach gets here He wants you tucked in tight.

Remember how this song goes, for someday when yours grown,
you can sing a Merry Christmas to a little cowboy of your own.

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