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Santa in Outer Space

Santa's Outer Space Trip
By Courtney Bovill (2004)

It is December 24 and Santa has just finished delivering all the toys in Europe, the United States and Asia. Now he is heading to Outer Space to deliver to all the alien children, especially those on Jupiterand Mars.

To get to outer space Santa, must fly out of the Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral, Florida. Santa arrives at 2:00 AM and the countdown begins. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, blast off. Santa is now traveling at speeds over 2,000 miles an hour and in 3 minutes he breaks through the atmosphere into space.

With a sonic boom louder than a big firework, Santa is now in orbit. His sleigh filled with green alien toys.

Santa is now entering the orbit of the planet Jupiter and arrives at a little town called Nutonious and heads for the Libutus Kityrzxas home. Alien's don't have chimneys for Santa to come down. Instead, they have a transport station for him. He must stand on a circle in front of the house, click his heels three times and clap his hands. Immediately, Santa is inside the home and unpacking his toy bag. He pulls out an alien doll, alien stuffed animals and other green toys. Santa's belly is now growling with hunger, He has worked up a big appetite with the long flight into outer space. So Santa tip toes into the kitchen and finds green alien cookies and green gooey alien milk on the table for him. Well, needless to say, Santa heads toward Mars and is still hungry!

Santa is now traveling towards Mars at hyper speed. He passes the space shuttle and gives a wave to the astronauts. As he enters into Mars' Orbit, he receives a call from the Alien Air Traffic Controller, asking "Are you a friendly traveler?" Santa replies, "It's me, Santa Claus " Santa gets an answer, "We have been waiting for you and welcome Santa. Have a nice flight, but be careful of asteroids falling from the south." "Thank you," said Santa. So Santa and the reindeer enter into Mars' atmosphere at incredible speeds. Rudolph's nose is working on overload, and all the other reindeer are pushing ahead towards a little town in Mars called Sediuraple. The little town is decorated with Green Alien Lights, their Green Moon shines on Santa's red sleigh in the sky. All the little green alien children are peeking out their windows. The town is bustling on Christmas Eve with last minute shoppers. Santa knows he's a little early, so he decides that the reindeer need a small break. He sets his sleigh down on an asteroid andfeeds Rudolph and the gang with a bag full of carrots and hay that he brought along for them. It's now late and all the little green alien children are sound asleep. Santa heads down and lands on the roof of the Kloftus house. He magically enters their home with a bag full of alien toys. As he is setting down the toys under their Christmas tree, he notices a little green puppy tugging at his boots, "Hello", Santa says to the puppy, "I also have something for you." So Santa pulls out a large green doggy bone for the little puppy, and to the Santa's amazement he accepts the doggybone and barks twice as to say thank you to Santa.

Santa has successfully finished delivering all the toys in outer space and is now heading back toward Earth. They will be entering the Earth's atmosphere at supersonic speeds, Rudolph raises the heat shield to protect Santa and the team of reindeer. They enter earth with a large sonic boom that almost shakes Santa right out of his sleigh. Thank goodness Santa has his seat belt on and all the reindeer are attached.
It is now early morning Christmas Day and Santa and the Reindeer are exhausted. They are heading back to the North Pole for a long needed rest and to spend their Christmas day with all the elves and Mrs. Claus.

Merry Christmas

Your Friend, Santa Claus

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