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Santa has the Flu

Santa has the Flu

It's early in the morning on December 24th and Dr. Bob is taking Santa's temperature. Mrs. Claus called the doctor because Santa has been sick for days with a terrible cough and is all achy.

Dr. Bob finishes examining Santa at 7:00 o'clock and the prognosis is not good. Dr. Bob tells Mrs. Claus that Santa has the flu and there is no way can he fly his sleigh tonight. This will be the first time Santa has ever missed delivering toys to all the children. The elves at the North Pole are frantic; they don't know what to do. But they continue to load Santa's sleigh; someway they need to get all the toys delivered tonight.

Meanwhile, Santa calls on his old friend, Fred, the Mayor of the North Pole. Santa asks Mayor Fred if he could take his place tonight delivering all the toys. Santa tells Mayor Fred he will be with him on his two way radio all night. Mayor Fred agrees.

Mayor Fred puts on Santa's red suit. It's a little big, but it will be okay this one time. It is now 6:00 p.m. and as Mayor Fred climbs into Santa's sleigh, he shouts, "On Dancer, on Prancer, on Vixen and Cupid!" All nine reindeer look back at Mayor Fred and say, "HUH????" They don't know what to make of this guy, Fred. They are not convinced that he can handle this enormous task.

Santa comes down from his bed to reassure the reindeer and gives them a pep talk. He tells them that children all over the world are counting on them to deliver the toys. All the reindeer agree with Santa. No matter what, they will get the toys to the children.

So up, up and away the reindeer go, with Mayor Fred in the sleigh. They head straight down south. Because of the many storm clouds, the moon and stars are hidden. It is extremely dark and the only light in the sky is coming from Rudolph's nose. They are closing in on Maine and New Hampshire which are always Santa's first stops. It is very windy and they are heading straight into a blizzard. Mayor Fred is very concerned that they can not make it through. He gives Santa a call on the sleigh phone. He shouts out, "Santa we are in a blizzard and we are getting blown off direction! What should we do?" Santa replies, "You must stay the course!"

With the wind blowing them downward, they come very close to the tips of all the pines trees. Mayor Fred yells to the reindeer "Pull up, pull up!!!" All of sudden they slam into a giant Christmas tree in the middle of a town. The crash is so loud all of the citizens wake up and come rushing out to see what the loud noise is. To their amazement they see Santa's reindeer tangled up in the tree and a funny looking guy in a Santa suit.

"Who are you?" they ask. Mayor Fred tells them, "Santa is very sick and he asked me to deliver the toys this year." Everyone rushesto help Mayor Fred and the reindeer back onto their feet and then they turn the sleigh back up on its runners. "The blizzard will be letting up shortly", said one of the townspeople, "so you will be able to take off again".

Sure enough, within a few minutes they are off, delivering the toys to all the children.

The sleigh is soon moving on schedule and the night ends with another successful Christmas journey.

Mayor Fred stops at Santa's home to give him the update of the night. He tells Santa he gained 20 pounds from eating all the cookies; was bitten by ten dogs; squawked at by three parrots; hissed at by six cats and chased by four Air Force jets! But all in all it was a lot of fun.

Written by: Emily Bovill 2003

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